FeedbackFruits is helping institutions cope with COVID-19

As of early March, 300+ million students have been asked to stay home over COVID-19 concerns. Consequently, colleges and universities needed to respond to the escalating situation by canceling in-person classes and quickly pivoting courses to remote learning.

However, suddenly implementing online learning on such a big scale is an immense challenge. We understand that shifting to digital teaching is more than just moving everything online. FeedbackFruits would like to help institutions in this transition by making our Interactive Video tool available for free so that they do not lose their student engagement during the outbreak.

Interactive Video enables teachers to make any video material available within their own LMS environment. It allows teachers to interact and engage with students more than generic video-sharing platforms. Throughout the video material, teachers can:

  • Meaningfully engage with their students, by starting discussions or adding practice/quiz questions and supporting work in groups
  • Enable an online peer learning environment, where students can discuss course materials with just their peers, in a safe environment
  • Track and automatically grade important aspects of students' progress, such as viewing the video, participating in discussions or their score on practice/quiz questions

Our team is ready to assist you in bringing your video material online using our tool. You will be provided with additional information and the LTI key/secret after reaching out using our chat on As FeedbackFruits, we are offering our Interactive Video tool to teachers and instructional designers at all affected institutions for free using LTI during this COVID-19 outbreak (or, at least until the end of 2020).

We've seen that the tool can tremendously help teachers reach their in-class teaching standards in an online environment on short notice. Our tools are co-created with professors and instructional designers within universities from Europe, the US, and Australia based on proven pedagogy.

See our video for more information on Interactive Video:

We wish everyone in the higher education community the best in their invaluable efforts to continue education in these challenging circumstances.

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