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More success stories

How Deakin University implemented Authentic Assessment across a STEM faculty

Deakin University developed and adopted an authentic assessment project scaling across several subjects and courses.

Boost student engagement and motivation in blended learning at TIAS School for Business and Society

Two instructors of TIAS School of Business and Society enhanced asynchronous engagement in blended classrooms.

Transforming Team-Based Learning in hybrid courses at Central Michigan University

Instructors at Central Michigan University optimized the team-based learning process in a 200-level Biology course with FeedbackFruits tools.

From universities

Read about universities' experiences of FeedbackFruits from themselves.

Social annotation and peer review technologies boost online collaboration

Gunderson said that, "in early use of FeedbackFruits at Cornell, 92% of faculty found it easier to facilitate peer review assignments, which can be cumbersome to administer, especially in large classes."

Activating Podcasts for University Education

"We used the tool FeedbackFruits to make this interactive: when the podcast paused, students typed their answer directly in a text field. The different exercises were introduced with different animations to make students aware of the particular skill they were practicing."

Authentic online assessment: strategy, innovation and management

We found that configuring and utilising Feedback Fruits so that students could respond to the feedback they received from their peers helpful here, in that a dialogue was created between students regarding improving their team-working abilities based on feedback given and received.

Developing evaluative judgement

In general, the peer reviews given by students were constructive and high quality. The activity provided two-way learning, and there was an overall improvement in the final reports. Students reported that conducting peer reviews led to improvements in their own writing.

Exploring innovative tools for learning & teaching

Dr Susy Macqueen found setting up the activity "straightforward and intuitive", and she intends to "explore other FeedbackFruits tools with her undergraduate and postgraduate student cohorts."
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