[Live webinar] Leveraging AI for inclusive learning
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AI-Driven Transformation: Personalizing Online and Hybrid Learning for Student Success

Free webinar

AI-Driven Transformation: Personalizing Online and Hybrid Learning for Student Success

The rise of AI over the past years has completely transformed education, especially for online and hybrid programs. Technologies like adaptive learning and AI-powered assessment show great capacity for personalized learning experiences, reduced faculty workload, and enhanced institutional effectiveness. To fully harness AI's power, it's crucial to balance its strengths with preserving the human element central to authentic learning and assessment.

Join our webinar to discover best practices, case studies, and examples of leveraging AI to make online and hybrid education more efficient, enhance teaching and learning, and reliably support faculty and students.

March 6th, 2024
11:00 AM ET

Don’t want to wait until OLC?

Get a head start on enhancing your educational practices by downloading our ebook, "Authentic Assessment Rubrics in Higher Education: A Collection of Templates." This resource complements the topics we'll be discussing at OLC and provides valuable insights for educators seeking to implement authentic assessment strategies including:

  • An analysis of the primary categories of rubrics, their advantages and disadvantages, and guidance on when to utilize each type.
  • Key guidelines for crafting impactful assessment rubrics.
  • Examples of rubric templates and practical applications developed by Deakin University, Central Michigan College, and South Plains College.

Harness the power of AI to enhance and optimize online learning

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Aligning faculty insights with strategic goals
  • Building and implementing an AI action plan from courses to curriculum
  • Redesigning teaching with authentic learning and assessment strategies
  • Workflow improvements and workload reduction for teaching effectiveness

Discover the presentations

Discover the presentations

Meet the speakers

Learn how to master authentic competency assessment during our session. Don't miss our session, "Measuring Strategic Outcomes through Authentic, Skill-Based Learning with FeedbackFruits," on Friday 12th April at 2:30 PM (Location: Valley 2) hosted by Cole Groom Account Executive team lead at FeedbackFruits.

Explore effective strategies for nurturing skill development, optimizing learning outcomes, and aligning your curriculum with strategic goals. Learn how our solutions empower authentic, skill-based learning, and equip students for success in the real world.
Linda Lee, Wharton School
Wendy Lampner
Director of Online, Continuing, and Professional Education at the University of Akron

Wendy Lampner is a seasoned professional in the field of instructional design and online education. Currently serving as the Director of Online, Continuing, and Professional Education at The University of Akron, she provides strategic leadership for online learning initiatives, including degree programs, workforce development, and continuing education. With a track record of success, Wendy has directed various departments, including Design & Development Services and Learning Technology Development, demonstrating expertise in planning, designing, and developing effective instructional materials and courses. As a sought-after speaker and contributor to conferences such as EDUCAUSE and IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Institute, Wendy Lampner is recognized for her expertise in transformative educational practices, technology innovation, and fostering academic integrity in online environments.

Dan Hasan, FeedbackFruits
Robert Terry
MSW Coordinator, School of Social Work and Family Sciences, The University of Akron

Robert Terry began his career as a social worker in 1988 when he accepted employment at Sandusky County Department of Job and Family Services in Fremont, Ohio as a caseworker with the JOBS program. After nearly two years working with clients through the welfare-to-work program, Rob accepted a position as an intake social worker with Summit County Children Service in Akron, Ohio. In addition to his role as intake worker, Rob was a family preservation social worker, intake supervisor, foster care supervisor, and adoption supervisor. Rob also managed staff in the Information Technology department for two years. During his time at SCCS, Rob earned a Master’s in social work from Case Western Reserve University and obtained his LISW license. He was also a certified adoption assessor. Rob became the Director of Mental Health Services and then Chief Compliance Officer at Community Health Center in Akron, Ohio. In addition, he was an adjunct professor at the University of Akron’s School of Social Work where he taught BSW and MSW social work courses. In 2016 Rob joined the University of Akron full-time and is currently the MSW Coordinator in the School of Social Work and Family Sciences.

Linda Lee, Wharton School
Marion Marx
Instructional Designer at ESSEC

Passionate about the world of Digital Learning, Marion’s journey has afforded her a 360° view of this sector: starting as a distance learner, then progressing to become a tutor and online instructor, and ultimately an instructional designer. With a blend of pedagogical innovation and UX Design, she enjoys envisioning and crafting learning experiences that foster participants' engagement. Marion finds AI to be valuable in saving time when creating certain pedagogical activities, particularly quizzes with detailed feedback. She sees value in leverage AI to generate templates that can be personalized.

Linda Lee, Wharton School
Adrien Painturier
Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at HEC

Adrien Painturier champions the use of digital tools to elevate educational practices. With a notable interest in AI, functioning as a daily user and facilitator, he is dedicated to enhancing the pedagogical landscape. His initiatives ensure faculty and students are well-equipped to employ innovative technologies, aligning with HEC Paris's vision for a progressive and interactive learning ecosystem.

Linda Lee, Wharton School
Melinda Mod
Instructional Designer at HEC

Melinda is a learning designer who received her training as a high school teacher in Hungary and completed her PhD at Paris VIII & Cornell. She is dedicated to creating impactful courses across a variety of projects, ranging from designing courses for EMBA public programs to collaborating with NGOs. Melinda is particularly interested in how AI can facilitate the development of high quality courses and how it could be integrated in personalized learning via algorithms to tailor educational content and assessments according to each student's individual needs and learning styles.

Linda Lee, Wharton School
Marie Valentin
 Instructional Designer at HEC

Marie is a learning designer at HEC Paris. She has 16 years of experience in instructional design across both private and public sectors, including institutions such as Demos Group, Crédit Agricole, and Paris-Dauphine University. In her work, Marie is particularly focused on the clarity of course structure and ways of managing learners' attention span and engagement. Marie is interested in how AI can be used to do more than just generate educational content (which she already does on a regular basis). For example, how could AI be used to give students detailed feedback on their work?

Linda Lee, Wharton School
Claudia Carrone
Digital Learning Deputy Manager at EDHEC

As a Digital Learning Leader and innovation Manager at the Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory (PILab) of EDHEC Business School, Claudia is actively involved in the search for transformation of the educational landscape. She is dedicated to improving the learning experience, contributing to an engaging environment for students, teachers, and researchers. Her role involves providing strategic guidance for the seamless integration of technology into face-to-face, blended, and online learning across all university programs. Claudia's approach to teaching and learning also revolves around the use of Artificial Intelligence to promote creative engagement and collaborative learning, ensuring that the educational journey is not just informative but also transformative.

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Authentic assessment rubrics in higher education: A collection of templates

A collection of rubric templates for authentic, effective, and scalable assessment

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Facilitating Group Work and Peer Assessment at Business Schools

We have prepared this exclusive content to guide educators at business schools with the use cases from the Wharton School and Griffith University. In this ebook, you will find classroom-validated strategies to facilitate group work in large-size online courses with effective use of technology.

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