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Strategic Outcome Solutions: Competency-Based Assessment
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Scale and measure skill development with FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment

BOOST employability and lifelong learning

Developing competencies with real-world applicability is key in CBE to prepare students for careers and beyond. FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment helps to materialise these learning goals and equips learners with their competency passports for the future.

meet the needs of non-traditional learners

Going beyond one-size-fits-all study programs, CBE gives students the flexibility to take ownership of their learning. With FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment's transparent analytics, learners track and plan their growth while teachers identify who needs support in which areas.

Improve the learning experience and outcomes

With CBE, learning doesn’t stop at completing the required assignments, but demonstrating learned skills and competencies. Enhanced tracking and showcasing of skills can be demonstrated with FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment.

CBE trends

Powerful features to easily implement and scale CBE

Developmental portfolio

Students are motivated to demonstrate their skills in learning activities by having clear overview of their learning goals and their progress in key competencies over time in their developmental portfolio. They can share their portfolio with instructors, mentors, academic or career advisors, and even external stakeholders —such as a Hiring Manager, proving their skills any time.

FeedbackFruits developmental portfolio
FeedbackFruits CBE analytics

Individual and cohort analytics

Instructors, learning designers and institution leaders are equipped with powerful analytics of competency development on individual and cohort levels to make timely, data-driven interventions to support students better and ensure a standard level of teaching & learning quality.

FeedbackFruits CBE analytics

Template library

Activities and rubrics can be saved as templates and shared on institution, department or course level to ensure consistent learning experiences, promote quality standards and save time from learning design process across the institution.

FeedbackFruits institutional library
FeedbackFruits student-initiated feedback

Student-initiated feedback

Students can easily take charge of their own growth by requesting feedback from their instructors, peers and mentors and adding them in their developmental portfolio.

FeedbackFruits student-initiated feedback

FeedbackFruits is seamlessly integrated
into your LMS, with automation of single sign-in, as well as authentication and sync of gradebooks, groups, and calendars.


Your data is hosted by Microsoft Azure
in your region. We're compliant with data protection laws including the GDPR and WCAG 2.1 (AA) accessibility standards.

always here for support

Our team offers teachers and students
24/5 human support and 24/7 AI guidance, along with help articles and workshops to familiarize instructors with FeedbackFruits.

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