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We are an edtech scale-up making an impact in education worldwide.

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    Where the story begins

    FeedbackFruits is an Edtech company, founded in 2012 at TU Delft, the Netherlands, in a forgotten room at the Physics department. It was the experience of re-designing his master’s curriculum in Sustainability Technology that brought our CEO and co-founder Ewoud de Kok to suddenly realize: why does the communication in education have to be a one-way only system?

    From this question FeedbackFruits has become a driver of the transformation to active learning at the best universities worldwide.

    Bootstrapped at TU Delft
    FeedbackFruits' first app for students was built in a forgotten room of applied physics at TU Delft. The idea was to give timely, direct feedback to teachers on courses after each class session.

    The same year, TU Delft became our 1st founding partner and gave us the financial push needed to kick off FeedbackFruits.

    While the app may have been a failure, the desire to use technology to change passive classes into active learning was born.
    edX Hackathon prize
    Winning an award for Creative Commons Licensing Integration for edX validated our efforts and comforted us in the path we were taking. This was also the year where we reached the milestone of our first 10K users.
    Feedbackfruits 2.0
    We developed plugins that could e integrated into any LMS. That not only made universities more open to our solution but also ensured we could encourage active learning at scale.

    With the launch of FeedbackFruits 2.0, we also revised our business model. FeedbackFruits created the EdTech DoTank from the idea that education needs to be shaped with the help of educational experts.
    the year of adventure
    We love adventure. We internationalized the company in the US and Australia and opened our 2nd office in Boston.
    The year of online learning
    In one year, our user base increased by 180%: from 50K to 140K.
    With the global COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions realized that online learning provides opportunities to ensure educational continuity for students, to leverage technology in order to reduce the burden on teachers, and to use improved pedagogies, better suited for maintaining student engagement.
    feedbackfruits 1.0
    Soon after, FeedbackFruits entered the incubator YES!Delft for 4 years and created its 1st platform. Unlike the previous app, FeedbackFruits 1.0 was facilitating flipped learning by making study material interactive.

    After the first prototype was built, Wageningen University and Hogeschool van Amsterdam joined us as partners.
    20K active students on our platform
    One year later, we doubled the number of users on our platform – another milestone.
    A student-centered company
    At FeedbackFruits, we work hard to create student-oriented products. This approach also applies to our recruitment. We value the importance of internships and give interns the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential. In fact, over 3/4 of our full-time team members started as interns!

    As our team grew, our numbers of partners increased too, In only 5 years, 80% of Dutch universities were using FeedbackFruits tools. This not only raised the stakes but also set the ground for the new phase of FeedbackFruits' growth internationally.
    3rd Inspiration Day
    Innovations can feel lonely sometimes...
    Which is why, since 2017, we have been organizing the Inspiration Day event for the front-runner innovators, where they share their best practices with instructors and instructional designers of the DoTank institutions.
    What does the future hold?

    We are working hard to provide pedagogical tools that help teachers to not only convey knowledge in their courses, but improve students' higher order skills through active participation and organized feedback. Somewhere in the world there are students, teachers, and educational professionals giving their best. For them, our goal is to make every course in the world engaging in the near future.

    More than anything, we stay true to ourselves

    FeedbackFruits isn’t just changing education. We’re on a mission to create an environment for people to stay true to themselves. What does changing education have to do with staying true to yourself? Here are three stories that explain it.

    Ewoud and Bas at Harvard university

    Why was Harvard ringing our doorbell?

    A ringing phone on a working day: “Hello, this is Harvard!”. Being contacted by one of the world's most prestigious universities when we didn't even have a marketing team, showed us that our fascination with education was shared, and our values are a game changer.

    FeedbackFruits office at FreedomLab

    Why are the best CEOs not so important?

    “I am not needed anymore”.
    When a CEO comes back from a long absence and is able to say something like that, they know their company is on the right track. This is what happened at FeedbackFruits, where the trust we put in each other is our best practice.

    Teacher at TUDelft

    Why did teachers on fire get fired?

    When we meet innovators, they want to create better courses, see their students engaged, and feel proud of their improvements. However, being an innovator might sometimes be misunderstood. Not by us. We will always care about those who care.

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    We believe in our mission and love what we do.
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    Head of People
    Max de Raaff
    Business Development Team Lead
    Irmak Ozgenoglu
    Marketing Manager

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