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Hello, welcome to FeedbackFruits. 
An Edtech scale-up making an impact in education worldwide.

Where the story begins

FeedbackFruits is an Edtech company, founded in 2012 at TU Delft, the Netherlands, in a forgotten room at the Physics department. It was the experience of re-designing his master’s curriculum in Sustainability Technology that brought our CEO and co-founder Ewoud de Kok to suddenly realize: why does the communication in education have to be a one-way only system?

From this question FeedbackFruits has become a driver of the transformation to active learning at the best universities worldwide.

We are mission-driven.

Stimulating interaction between teachers and students is what drives us. Because we know that solving problems has more value than selling products, and to do this, we have one mantra: pedagogy over technology, because it is not technology, but course design that will change the way in education. 

But knowledge is not enough, there is the need of wisdom coming from the direct experience of educators. Because a life lesson has more value than a “good-to-know” information. And when educators can communicate their wisdom, students will be able to have strong morals, think critically, and become a better citizen in our society.

Since 2012, FeedbackFruits has been working on improving education by creating engaging, learner-centered, and data-driven course designs, where ideas and debate can grow, and students are inspired, instead of merely collecting information.

We organize the courses so that you can focus on education.

We believe that every human has an innate curiosity that needs to be (re)kindled. And what is a better way than engaging course designs to achieve this? The possibilities with FeedbackFruits are endless.

Educators can create interactive videos, host debates, easily review academic writing, administer quizzes, and grade students directly from the LMS.

Like this, you are meaningfully engaging with the learners, which means creating the opportunity to shape critical thinking, inspire, and foster intrinsic willingness to learn.

We grow big to grow our impact.

FeedbackFruits is used by leading higher education institutions in Europe, North America, and Australia and is proud to be helping more than 140,000 students engaging with active learning activities.

And many more 

Our ambition is to be the world-leading pedagogical technology provider. For this, we don’t just grow with the market, we push it forward. We want to be at the doorstep of every teacher questioning about pedagogy and instructional designs. Because the more we are, the bigger our impact. And the stronger the positive impact teachers will have on tomorrow’s world citizens.

More than anything, we stay true to ourselves

FeedbackFruits isn’t just changing education. We’re on a mission to create an environment for people to stay true to themselves. What does changing education have to do with staying true to yourself? Here are three stories that explain it.

Why was Harvard ringing our doorbell?

Ewoud and Bas at Harvard university

A ringing phone on a working day: “Hello, this is Harvard!”. Being contacted by one of the world's most prestigious universities when we didn't even have a marketing team, showed us that our fascination with education was shared, and our values are a game changer.

Why are the best CEOs not so important?

FeedbackFruits office at FreedomLab

“I am not needed anymore”.
When a CEO comes back from a long absence and is able to say something like that, they know their company is on the right track. This is what happened at FeedbackFruits, where the trust we put in each other is our best practice.

Why did teachers on fire get fired?

Teacher at TUDelft

When we meet innovators, they want to create better courses, see their students engaged, and feel proud of their improvements. However, being an innovator might sometimes be misunderstood. Not by us. We will always care about those who care.

At FeedbackFruits, internationalization wasn’t really planned. We were focused on creating a change locally first. However, when higher education institutions such as Harvard approached us (at this time, we can’t even recall how they managed to find us*), we realized what characterised us: the care we put into our products. We stayed true to ourselves. We are bootstrapped from the beginning and always refuse investments to focus on our mission and bring that special care to our products.

*We weren’t even doing marketing. Only 1.5 FTE sales brought us to our first million.

Ewoud left on parental leave for 2 months. He completely disconnected and had no contact with FeedbackFruits. When he came back, the first thing he thought was “I am not needed anymore”.
While this could be an enthusiasm breaker, Ewoud realized the importance of trust.

By granting trust and freedom, you let people take over responsibilities which will lead them to reach their fullest potential. This is where unconditional trust became the core value of FeedbackFruits. Creating the environment for people to feel safe to make decisions and mistakes is creating the space for people to stay true to themselves.

As a leader, your main role is to defend the space for others to grow and stay true to themselves.

As an instructor as well as a researcher, you only have so much time in a week. The instructors that care for their courses give up some of their time for doing research (or at least their focus as a lot of these hero's time is spent at night). Many remarkable instructors whose visions were championed by the education department, are not understood by their research-only colleges. They sometimes miss a promotion or even get fired. At FeedbackFruits, we believe that the priority given to teachers and course designs should be restored. By developing people through education, teachers are helping our society to thrive. We want to allow teachers to create the space for students to thrive and learn.


Partnerships we are proud of

Our team

Over the years, FeedbackFruits has become a tightly knit team, with a strong, driven, and vibrant culture focused on making a change in society through education. Our team consists of more than 50 dynamic and young people, (former) students, PhDs, teachers, and experts, all keen on punching a hole in the universe.

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We believe in our mission and love what we do.

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