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We help you organize engaging courses. 
So you can enjoy teaching.

Tools to support teachers teaching.

Are you teaching or tasking?

Improving education shouldn't feel like a marathon.

As a dedicated teacher, you want to give your students the best learning experience.
Sadly but true, you find yourself leaking energy on organising tasks that actually keep you away from your teaching.
How do you stop tasking, and start teaching?

Introducing the Pedagogical Tool Suite

Improving education made easy.

FeedbackFruits offers a complete tool suite to organize engaging courses.
Allowing you to implement blended and online learning more effectively.

FeedbackFruits tool suite supports evidence-based course designs that have a proven effect on student engagement and learning outcomes. The tools flawlessly support the students' learning experience, resulting in a significant reduction of teachers' workload.

FeedbackFruits tool suite

To implement blended and online learning more effectively.

Activate peer learning by guiding your students to review each other's work. Sync groups from your LMS and see students being assigned automatically.

Get your students engaged with video materials. Flip the classroom by letting your students answer questions before class while going into depth during class discussions.

Sharpen students critical thinking through debate, peer review and self-reflection. Participate in the debate and guide your students to create meaningful online discussion.


Technology designed for teaching

Because we work so closely with leading universities around the world, we understand what is exceptionally important to academics. Therefore we have taken extra care on the following topics:


Supporting evidence-based course designs that have a proven effect on student engagement and learning outcomes.

Reducing workload

Designed to support students' learning experience, resulting in significant reductions of teachers workload.

Context specific

Integrated seamlessly to fit the context of your LMS, for your courses, without friction. 

Teresa Martinez Testimonial

Tools make it easy to set up active & collaborative activities that push student learning through interactive and engaging assignments.

Teresa Martinez

Executive MBA Program Director & Instructional Designer
Chris Blom Testimonial

The tool I used not only helped me gauge interaction, I had students tell me it really
helped them stay connected to the content.

John W. Nielson

Assistant Professor
Marcus ODonnell Testimonial

I love the way you work, I like your tools and your incredible agility.

Marcus O'Donnell

Pro-Vice Chancellor | Teaching & Learning
John Liu Testimonial

Thank you and your team for your brilliant and hard work. We've had to make some iterations on the way, but with each step it looks better and better.

John Liu

Digital Learning
Jeroen Prent Testimonial

With the tools of FeedbackFruits, our students collaborate more and learn from one another in different scenarios as they would in professional life.

Jeroen Prent

Education Manager
Fleur Prinsen Testimonial

Dotank makes it possible to innovate education based on shared concerns in educational practice, in collaboration between higher education institutions.

Dr. Fleur Prinsen

Chris Blom Testimonial

The FeedbackFruits tools have a lot of potential. They pull together a lot of different tools that I have found freemium elsewhere, but it's convenient that they already built into Canvas so
students don't have to figure out how to access them.

Jill Macko

Associate Professor
Soren Riber Testimonial

At HULT we got an 80% adoption after 1 year, and still going strong.

Soren Riber

Technology Manager
Chris Blom Testimonial

The Dotank offers a unique opportunity to shape the higher education of the future together with fellow institutions.

Chris Blom

Educational Consultant

Designed with the community

50+ institutions co-creating new pedagogical tools and learning activities.

The International Edtech DoTank is a collaboration between FeedbackFruits and higher education institutions from Europe, Australia, and the US. With the DoTank, implementation of active learning designs are accelerated by building pedagogical technology based on validated pedagogical use cases with teachers and instructional designers.

University of Amsterdam
Wharton University of Pennsylvania
Utrecht University
Inholland Hogeschool
Monash University
Utrecht University
Inholland Hogeschool
Monash University

How others are using it

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Case Study

Story of IE Business School
How IE Business School used Interactive Document to improve student’s knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of programming.

Significantly higher student engagement: +90% completion rate

Higher student satisfaction: evaluation increased from 6 to 7.evaluation increased from 6 to 7.3

Case Study

Story of MIT | xPRO
How an open-ended discussion in a manufacturing course at MITx | PRO was conducted with the power of Discussion.

Significantly higher student engagement: +94% completion rate

Higher student satisfaction:
evaluation increased from 6 to 7.3

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The FeedbackFruits values

FeedbackFruits Value Pedagogy

Pedagogy over technology

Because solving problems has more value than selling products.

FeedbackFruits Value Wisdom

Wisdom over knowledge

Because a life lesson, has more value than nice to know.

FeedbackFruits Value Fascination

Fascination over facts

Because inspiration has more value than information.

Hear from our collaborators

Teresa Martinez Testimonial

FeedbackFruits is the game changer in driving better learning outcome in higher education by making learning more engaging for students and professors through advanced pedagogical technology. By connecting and integrating FeedbackFruits with Microsoft Teams for Education, we ensure a holistic approach within higher education and prepare students for tomorrow’s job market.

Emily Glastra

Director Public Sector at Microsoft for the Netherlands

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