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Say goodbye to tens of different tools that make teaching complicated. Unify your digital learning ecosystem with FeedbackFruits Tool Suite to implement your pedagogies in any modality and classroom size within Brightspace.

FeedbackFruits is fully integrated into Brighstpace. Your Brighstpace groups, gradebook and calendar are automatically synced.

Standardize and scale your courses by reusing rubrics and copying existing activities.

All FeedbackFruits tools have the uniform streamlined design that everyone can master in seconds.

Watch our on-demand session at D2L Fusion 2022

Scaling self- and peer assessment to enhance 21st-century skills at Georgia State University

Mustafa Elsawy, Instructional Technology Specialist at Georgia State University
Max de Raaff, Team Lead Business Development at FeedbackFruits

10 reasons Georgia State University is using FeedbackFruits

Like instructional designer Mustafa Elsawy, many educators share in some of their forever challenges: low student engagement and retention, overburdened workload, lack of technology and training, to name but a few. Offering excellent education today requires putting pedagogy and technology together, and collaborative partnership to make this possible.

In our Fusion session, hear Mustafa's 10 key criteria which determined Georgia State University's decision to enter a pedagogical technology partnership with FeedbackFruits, using tools to enhance a plethora of learning activities, save instructors time and work, and benefitting from expert support at a moment's notice.


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