5 effective ways to better student writing

A practical guide to teach writing more effectively

Developing a robust command of writing is deemed vital to students’ success, both at schools and in their future professional life. Writing is not only an essential job-related skill, but also a life skill which sharpens our learning, communication, and creativity. That's why writing has always remained one of the top skills to be included in curriculum planning of institutions. However, learning to write is not always simple, and teaching students to develop good writing skills is no easy task. To help instructors improve students’ academic writing, we compiled this booklet, highlighting best practices and resources to elevate your writing lessons.

In this ebook, you will find:

5 best strategies help students become sharp, critical writers

A comprehensive template to model a standard research paper

A comprehensive rubric to help you design better writing feedback criteria

Suggestions of different teaching tools for facilitating writing feedback at different levels

What's inside

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