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Authentic assessment rubrics in higher education: A collection of templates

A collection of rubric templates for authentic, effective, and scalable assessment

The need for assessment transformation has been amplified by the introduction of ChatGPT and the rise of AI technology. It has become more and more imperative that assessment should go beyond a numerical grade and provide an objective, holistic, qualitative reflection of students' performance and progress. Authentic assessment is one of the best approaches to address this goal, by focusing on measuring students' success in skill-relevant and real-life situations.

A challenge when implementing authentic assessment is to design rubrics that ensure scalability to different class sizes, subject domains, and course settings. This ebook is written to help institutions generate effective rubrics for any authentic assessment approaches: from self, peer, group evaluation, research paper to holistic feedback. 

The templates found in this ebook are shared by many instructors at our partner institutions, namely Deakin University, Central Michigan University, South Plains College, and Fort Hays State University.

In this ebook, you will find:

A break down of the main rubric types, their pros and cons, and when to use each of these

The essential steps to design effective assessment rubrics

4 use cases, and rubric templates designed and implemented by Deakin University, Central Michigan College, and South Plains College

And 3 brand new rubrics created by instructor at Fort Hays State University, and the FeedbackFruits team

What's inside

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