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Assessment rubrics in higher education: A collection of templates

A collection of rubric templates for effective, scalable assessment

The use of rubrics is key to effective assessment. One big challenge when designing and implementing rubrics is to ensure scalability to different class sizes, subject domains, and course settings. Many of our partner institutions (Deakin University, Central Michigan, Boston University, etc.,) have succeeded in generating such effective, scalable rubrics, with help from FeedbackFruits.

We’ve asked these faculties to share their successful rubrics as reference resources for those who also want to implement effective assessment. All of these templates are then compiled under this comprehensive guide – “Assessment rubrics in higher education: A collection of templates".

In this ebook, you will find:

A break down of the main rubric types, their pros and cons, and when to use each of these

The essential steps to design effective assessment rubrics

4 rubric templates designed and implemented by Deakin University, Central Michigan College, and South Plains College

4 use cases detailing how these rubrics were adopted by the institutions for successful assessment

What's inside

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