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Competency-based Education: Empower authentic and skill-based learning

A guide to understanding CBE and how to cultivate competency-based learning environments

Competency-based education (CBE) is a novel approach to support a skill-based, flexible, and inclusive higher education.  

This framework allows institutions to cultivate a quality education where students can take ownership of their own learning and develop knowledge and skills that help them excel in their future careers. Yet for all the enthusiasm that surrounds competency-based approaches, a number of fundamental questions remain: “What exactly does CBE entail? How can institutions implement competency-based programs? What is the current state of CBE adoption? and more. 

This ebook then provides answers to this questions, by providing detailed information on: 

What is competency-based education? What are its benefits? And how is CBE different from Outcome-based education (OBE)

How is CBE being adopted worldwide?

How can institutions kickstart a competency-based curriculum in 5 steps?

What solutions can institutions adopt to address the challenges of CBE implementation?

What's inside

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