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Cultivate a learning community

5 evidence-based pedagogical strategies to build a learning community

Determined to better support teachers in classroom planning and teaching, the FeedbackFruits team decided to collect reflections from teachers and students in higher education over the 2020 academic year. After a series of surveys, in-depth interviews, and case studies with over 400 participants, we were able to come up with key findings and best practices in course design. These are summarized and elaborated in our latest ebook - “How to build a learning community”.

With this ebook, you will be able to: 

Learn the top issues faced by teachers and students in 2020

Understand the importance of building a learning community, and the need for pedagogical technology

Transform your courses in every aspects with 5 evidence-based pedagogical practices

Improve and optimize your classroom feedback culture

Design learning activities to enhance students interactions and connections

Facilitate effective group work that ensures equal contribution and avoids free-riding

Craft the best assessment strategies that encourage formative learning

What's inside

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