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How to choose the right edtech partner

Your institution's guide to successful edtech-decision making

To arrive at this vision of “a technology-enabled, sustainable” education that operates effectively while flexibly anticipating and addressing emerging challenges, faculties need to have the ability to evaluate and select a suitable edtech vendor that can enhance their Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Considering the availability of many vendors, the selection process tends to be a complex and challenging one for faculties. 

Understanding this demand, we have compiled this guide – ’How to choose the right edtech partner’, which aims to help institutions understand the various factors and information sources that influence decisions regarding EdTech evaluation, selection, and adoption. 

In this ebook, you will find:

A detailed explanation of the 8 key factors in edtech decision-making process

A downloadable framework which you can customize to suit your institutions’ goals and needs

Use cases of successful edtech evaluation and partnership

What's inside

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