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How to design an online university course

8 golden rules to keep creating the best online courses

The demand for flawless online course design is destined to increase from next semester. Teachers and instructional designers now have to keep ahead to provide online education that their students expect from them.

In this eBook, we collected the best practices for both teachers and instructional designers when creating an online course design, together with the latest tools' integration and a complete checklist to have the best start of the semester ever.

What is in there for you?

The best ways to generate interactive and engaging online learning experiences

8 best practices based on real-world experience

Useful tools to add even more value to your online course

Suggestions on how to get yourself updated with new teaching technologies

A complete checklist for university online course creation that will help you either you are a novice or an expert in the field

The most adjourned key principles of online learning

Tips and tricks on how to craft effective online assessment

What's inside

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