[Live webinar] Leveraging AI for inclusive learning

Inclusive teaching and UDL: A comprehensive guide

How to build equitable online/ hybrid learning environment

The abrupt online transition over the past two years has prompted institutions to make many important realizations. Chief among these is the potential of online and hybrid learning, and the need to build an inclusive, and equitable online learning environment which addresses students’ diverse needs and barriers. 

Inclusive course design, which involves the implementation of inclusive teaching strategies is then the key to create equal, and equitable online learning experiences. Discussions and guidelines have been developed surrounding this topic, yet this abundant information resource has left many faculties confused, wondering “where should I start?”, and “how do I begin designing inclusive courses?”

To help institutions answer these questions, we put together 'A guide to inclusive teaching and UDL'.

In this, you will find:

Definition of inclusive pedagogy and its benefits

4 principles of inclusive teaching strategies in online, hybrid classrooms

Overview and strategies to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in online, hybrid classrooms

Validated examples, and templates for inclusive learning activities, assessment, and feedback

What's inside

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