[Live webinar] AI-Driven Transformation: Personalizing Online and Hybrid Learning for Student Success

Leading in the age of AI: A comprehensive guide for higher education

Maximize the power of AI in higher education

Since AI will be here to stay and continue to play a crucial role in every aspect of our lives, thorough understanding and proper skills to utilize this technology are of great importance. Instead of considering AI as a threat, higher education institutions need to explore the potential of AI and help students navigate through this technology. This, however, is easier said than done. How exactly can institutions work with AI and integrate it into the learning process?

This ebook aims to be a practical guide to help institutions kickstart a smooth AI adoption by: 

Addressing the key opportunities and limitations of AI in different aspects of higher education

Sharing practical, classroom-proof strategies to help every stakeholders within higher education to incorporate AI throughout the teaching and learning process

Providing resources and successful use cases regarding AI implementation at Deakin University, Boston College, and Fort Hays State University

What's inside

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