[Live webinar] AI-Driven Transformation: Personalizing Online and Hybrid Learning for Student Success

Team-based learning: A guide to success

A practical guide to team-based learning

As technology is evolving each day, we are welcoming a new generation of tech-savvy, self-aware learners with diverse needs, barriers, and perspectives. It is time to change the way we teach and embrace innovative pedagogy and technology to optimize the learning experience. To meet these unique needs, educators are working on optimizing team-based learning (TBL) across different modailities (in-person, online, hybrid, and more). TBL has been proven to be an effective approach to nurture collaboration skills and self development via a process of individual and team work.

What is TBL and what are its main components? How does it work? What are the advantages and challenges for students and faculty? This ebook will provide you with an overview of a complete TBL process, and the best strategies for successful implementation in online and hybrid settings.

In this, you will find:

A overview of the TBL process: its fundamental steps, components, and advantages

Strategies to optimize each fundamental stage of TBL in online and hybrid courses

A framework for effective team-based learning with technological support

A success story of successful TBL implementation at Central Michigan University 

What's inside

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