Transform writing assignments in the age of AI: 5 best strategies

A practical guide to transform your writing assignments for AI

With the introduction of ChatGPT and AI technology, writing assignment has become even more challenging. “The College Essay Is Dead”, declared Stephen Marche in The Atlantic, about how the time-honored learning tradition will be “disrupted from the ground up” by this AI chatbot. However, Stephen interprets this as an opportunity to rethink education in the age where artificial intelligence (AI) is thriving. So how can institutions initiate this transformation? How can they make written assignments more engaging, more meaningful for students in this new world? The answer is: to change the way we curate the writing experience and embrace the pedagogical advances. 

This guide is our attempt to address this need, by providing 5 strategies to redesign your writing assignments for AI. 

In this, you will find:

5 practical strategies to embrace AI in designing writing assignments

Suggestions of different teaching tools for facilitating writing feedback at different levels

Resources to help you design holistic, growth-oriented writing feedback criteria

A framework showcasing how to initiate multi-layer feedback in writing with the aid of technology

What's inside

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