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Microsoft Teams meets pedagogy:

Enriching Teams with FeedbackFruits active learning tools

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Join us to shape innovation with Microsoft Teams.

03:00 - 03:10 pm CEST

Welcome and introduction

Maartje Couck (Learning Specialist at Microsoft)

03:10 - 03:25 pm CEST

Why this integration? What is this integration?

Discover everything about the new integration between Microsoft Teams and FeedbackFruits. Hear about the new functions and possibilities for instructors to increase pedagogical values in their courses from the words of our HigherEd experts Ewoud de Kok and Ananda Verheijen. Learn why we started this journey together with Microsoft and how FeedbackFruits tools can be used directly inside the Teams environment.

Ewoud de Kok (CEO of FeedbackFruits) and Ananda Verheijen (Head of Teacher Relations)

Dr Tiffany Gunning (Course Design and Development Team Leader SEBE at Deakin University)

03:25 - 03:40 pm CEST

How does the integration benefit teachers and students?

Together with Ralf and Ananda, you will discover the new value that teachers and students will gain by adopting the new integration. Directly experience how FeedbackFruits tools can improve pedagogical innovation from a live demo in the Microsoft Teams environment: so many new possibilities for your students!

Ananda Verheijen (Head of Teacher Relations) and Ralf Hillebrand (Teacher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Participation and engagement gets a boost!

Kirsten Black (Technology Enhanced Learning Designer) and Dr Omid Ameri (Course Coordinator) from Victoria University

03:40 - 03:55 pm CEST

How do I use it as a teacher?

What can this integration do for you as a teacher? Ralf Hillebrand, teacher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, will show and explain step-by-step how this integration is a game-changer to maximise benefits for both teachers and students. See how easy and valuable it is with your own eyes!

Ralf Hillebrand (Teacher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

03:55 - 04:00 pm CEST

Q&A and closing remarks


Meet the speakers.

Ralf Hillebrand
Teacher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Maartje Couck
Learning Specialist at Microsoft.
Ananda Verheijen
Teacher Relations at FeedbackFruits.
Ewoud de Kok
CEO and Co-Founder at FeedbackFruits.

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