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Meet us at booth #47 | Let's discuss your institution's AI strategy

AI brings complex questions for learning designers and institutional leaders: how to use the technology to improve pedagogy, how to comply with regulations, how to use AI ethically, and how to help faculty get comfortable with the technology. Visit us to:

  • Discuss best practices and strategies to use AI tools to enhance curriculum design and assessment.
  • Learn more about our pedagogy-driven AI approach: our AI tools are built with a pedagogy-first and ethical approach. We prioritize transparency, educator collaboration, student empowerment, and fairness to responsibly enhance educational experiences.
  • Discover how FeedbackFruits' Automated Feedback tool, Automated Feedback Coach, and Auto Suggest in Interactive Study Materials can improve teacher efficiency, leading to improved courses and better student outcomes.

    Can't wait? Download our new e-book, "AI-driven Transformation: Redesigning Policy, Curricula, and Assessment for the Future," and start exploring how AI can revolutionize your educational approach.

Join our session | Making group work “work”: Scaling collaboration for active learning at Yale University

When: Wednesday, July 10th 2024, 4:00 PM
Location: Level 4, Zeno 4601-4610 

Group projects and peer-to-peer activities stimulate active learning and promote valuable transfer of skills, however it is difficult to create an institutional culture of group-work and peer-to-peer learning due to pedagogical and technical barriers. In this session, learn how Yale University piloted FeedbackFruits to scale group and peer-to-peer feedback opportunities.

Ryan sobeck
Assistant Director, Educational Technology
Yale University
Cole Groom
Product Marketing Manager

Enjoy seamless and scalable course designs in Canvas

Say goodbye to tens of clunky tools that make teaching complicated. With FeedbackFruits' seamless integration with Canvas, you can implement a wide range of engaging learning activities.

→ No extra login needed
→ Automatic Canvas groups and gradebook synchronizatoin
→ Create FeedbackFruits activities in Canvas with one click

InstructureCon 2022 Highlight

Creating Lasting Engagement in Canvas: Best strategies from Cornell University and Eastern Nazarene College

Ksenia Ionova, Instructional Designer at Cornell University, shares how Cornell's Center for Teaching Innovation used FeedbackFruits to create iterative peer feedback and group member evaluation learning activities in Canvas across multiple courses.

Melinda Smith, Director of Curriculum Development at Eastern Nazarene College and William McCoy, Vice President for Academic Affairs from Eastern Nazarene College discuss how they facilitated the rapid transition to online learning with the help of FeedbackFruits

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