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Rubric to evaluate academic writing styles in research papers
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Dr. Kim Chappell & FHSU
Learning outcome:
Critical thinking
Prep time:
Low (<10 min)
Rubric type:
Activity type(s):
Academic paper
Written report

This rubric is part of a 4-scale rating rubric developed by Dr. Kim Chappell at Fort Hays State University to evaluate students’ research papers in 4 criteria: Content, Research Synthesis, Language, and APA Citation.

Institution: Fort Hays State University (FHSU), founded in 1902, is a public university where faculty and staff share a deep commitment to teaching and mentoring students.

Instructor(s): Dr. Kim Chappell is the Assistant Professor of Education at FHSU with over 29 years of teaching experience.

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From the creator

In order to assist students in developing a growth mindset and self-efficacy in addition to the course content, Dr. Chappell relied on the use of targeted feedback and holistic scoring methods.

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Activity ideas for this rubric

This rubric can be used in learning activities below:

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Stimulate diverse perspectives and engage students with open-ended discussion prompts

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Enable scaffolded self-assessment for student skill development

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