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Self Assessment

Implement effective self-assessment practice in your learning activities that help students reflect on their work or skills.

Self-assessment is a form of feedback given to oneself. It helps students think of possible adjustments they can make for their processes and deliverables (e.g. essays, presentations, etc.), and also helps them enhance learning outcomes and performance.

With Self Assessment, students can review their own skills or those of their own group effectively with the critera & rubrics set by the instructor. Thus, instructors can motivate students tohave the ownership of their own learning effectively.

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Assignments are made for individual students to assess their own work, or for peer groups to assess their own activities collectively.

Students upload their assignments and review themselves based on criteria set by instructors, leaving a great deal of autonomy in a multitude of activities and classrooms.

Instructors give students more responsibility in their learning process, increasing engagement and motivation. Transparent and customizable grading grants complete control over the assignments.

Tool features

Individual vs group peer feedback

Change peer review activity types: individuals review an assigned peer or within groups, or individuals give feedback to someone outside their groups. 

Customizable criteria or rubrics

Change peer review activity types: individuals review an assigned peer or within groups, or individuals give feedback to someone outside their groups. 


Set up a self-reflection step for students to reflect on their own contribution before reviewing others, based on the same criteria used for peer review. This helps teachers compare how students reflect on their own performance versus that of others. 

Configurable grading

Convert any activities into summative assessments, configure which assignment steps to be graded and how much each should contribute to the final grade.

Hold feedback

Control when students can see the received feedback: instantly, or after certain deadlines to avoid bias.

Anonymity setting

Choose between students reviewing each other openly or anonymously using fruity pseudonyms to avoid bias and maintain objectivity.

You can use the Self-Assessment tool for both deliverables (e.g. essay, slides, etc.) and skills (collaboration, presentation, etc.). For deliverables, you can choose 'Self-Assessment on Work' in the Tool Picker. For skills, choose 'Self-Assessment on Skills' and then follow the streamlined activity setup process.

Change the type of self-assessment activity from individuals reviewing their own work/skills to students reviewing their work/skills as a group if it is a group activity.

Structure and customize self-assessment criteria with options such as qualitative feedback criteria, scales, or rubrics.

Convert any activity into a summative task, configure which steps of the assignment should be graded and how much element should count to determine the final grade.


Group Member Evaluation

Looking for peer feedback without deliverables?

Let students assess each other's skills with Group Member Evaluation.

Peer Review

Looking for peer feedback with deliverables?

Let students assess each other's assignments with Peer Review.

LMS integration

Self-Assessment, like all FeedbackFruits tools, integrates seamlessly into your native LMS, with automatic synchronization of groups, calendars, and gradebooks.

using another LMs

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