Learning Activity

Creating effective student groups

Create effective student groups based on working styles
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Learning outcome:
Prep time:
Low (<10 min)
Activity type(s):
Group project
Oral presentation
Study materials comprehension

Why this learning activity?

Learning activities targeting high-order skills like this one can help you activate students more effectively. This activity will help you with:

Group dynamics awareness

Students will develop an understanding of effective group dynamics by identifying and reflecting on their own working styles and preferences, as well as those of their peers, facilitating better collaboration and teamwork.

Teamwork skills

Students will enhance their teamwork skills by working in well-structured groups, learning to coordinate and cooperate effectively with peers who have complementary strengths and roles.

Optimized collaboration

Students will experience improved collaboration and productivity by being part of well-matched groups, leveraging diverse strengths and roles to achieve common goals.


Activity steps

1. Read instructions: Carefully go through the provided instructions to understand the objectives and requirements of this activity. Pay attention to any specific guidelines or criteria mentioned to ensure you meet all expectations.

2. Answer questions for group formation: Complete the questionnaire provided. Your responses will be used to assign you to a group that best matches your skills, preferences, and availability. Ensure you answer all questions accurately and thoroughly.

Activity setup

FeedbackFruits tool(s) used:

Group Formation Tool allows teachers to make effective groups, automatically. Teachers can easily create inclusive and well-balanced groups, aiming to enhance group dynamics, learning outcomes, student satisfaction, and engagement.

These questions inquire about students:

  • Working preferences: location, time
  • Role they take in group work
  • Perception of personal strengths/skills

Currently students will be allocated to each other if they are similar on their preferences for working times and locations, but are different on their perception of roles they take, as well as personal strengths and skills.

You can always edit these preferences in the steps of the activity.

Check this article for more information.


Recommended rubrics for this activity

Evaluate interaction with teammates

A rubric template to assess students’ interactions during group work

Evaluate contributions to teamwork

A rubric to assess group work contributions

Evaluate delivery of presentation

Use this template to evaluate your students' delivery skills in presentation

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