Learning Activity

Low-stakes knowledge check

Low-stakes knowledge check for enhanced learning and reflection
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Learning outcome:
Prep time:
Low (<10 min)
Activity type(s):
Knowledge check

Why this learning activity?

Learning activities targeting high-order skills like this one can help you activate students more effectively. This activity will help you with:

Knowledge uptake

Ability to understand and remember course material to effectively engage in in-class discussions.

Reflective practice

Ability to reflect on one's own performance, make adjustments, and set realistic goals for course.


Ability to self-study and prepare for the class or a high-stake assessment asynchronously.


Activity steps

1. Read instructions: Go through the instructions to understand the activity requirements. Note any guidelines or criteria provided by the instructor.

2. Take quiz: Complete the quiz by answering the questions provided. Use the tool's features to answer multiple-choice, open-ended, or scratch-off questions as specified. You can track your progress and retake the quiz if needed to improve your understanding and performance.

Activity setup

FeedbackFruits tool(s) used:

Providing students with low-stake knowledge check moments, allows them to have a moment to reflect, and assess where they currently stand. It can help them consolidate knowledge further, and understand where they may need to focus more of their energy in the course and study material.

With helpful analytics, as an instructor you’ll also be able to better gauge where your group of students currently are, and optimize in class teaching teaching for that.

Other features help you set up a quiz that is low stakes and focusses on student learning, not necessarily assessment.

In this Activity:

  1. Open Answer & Multiple choice questions: Use a combination of question modalities, to tap into different parts of student knowledge.
  2. Scratch-Off Multiple Choice Questions: Once students provide a response the correct answer is not immediately revealed, instead students must use their deductive reasoning to choose the correct answer.
  3. Answer-Explanation Cards: For each answer option in the question you can provide an explanation for what the correct answer is, as well as attach documents or other files that may point students in the right direction. This can help students more effectively study the areas they may not be as confident in.

Notable settings:

Note for creating questions:

  • Scratch-off card: Turn on the scratch off card option to help students use their deductive reasoning to get to the correct answer if they do not immediately answer correctly.
  • Answer explanations: Attach materials and files to answer explanations.

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