Learning Activity

Pre-class preparation on a video

Encourage students to listen, interact and discuss an video file prior to class
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Learning outcome:
Prep time:
High (>30 min)
Activity type(s):
Study materials comprehension

Why this learning activity?

Learning activities targeting high-order skills like this one can help you activate students more effectively. This activity will help you with:

Collaborative skills

Students will demonstrate effective collaboration and communication skills through their interactions with peers and contributions to group assignments.

Knowledge uptake

Ability to understand and remember course material to effectively engage in in-class discussions.

Reflective practice

Students will engage in reflective learning, articulating how the activity contributed to their personal and academic growth, fostering metacognitive skills.


Activity steps

1. Read instructions: Go through the instructions to understand the activity requirements. Note any guidelines or criteria.

2. Watch video: Watch the provided video material. Use features like pausing, rewinding, and adding notes at specific points. Engage with any embedded questions or prompts.

3. Reflect on the material: Reflect on what you learned from the video. Write about how the material influenced your understanding and any questions or thoughts you have.

Activity setup

FeedbackFruits tool(s) used:

This activity helps facilitate a flipped classroom approach to your teaching. When student engage with material prior to class there are several benefits:

  • Prior to class, areas of the topic where students may struggle are outlined allowing in class time to be spent on relevant areas.
  • Encourage students to learn from each other, ask each other questions and seek help from one another.
  • In class time can be spent applying material, and exploring its real-world relevance.

In this activity template:

  • You can add a video, where you can thereafter add:
    • Inline multiple choice or open answer questions
    • Inline discussion prompts
    • Opt for students to be able to start discussion threads where they can interact and ask each other questions.
    • Opt for students to be able to ask multiple choice or open answer questions.
  • Anonymity:
    • Students won’t see other individual student answers to questions.
    • Opt in for anonymity on discussion threads.
  • Reflection
    • Encourage students to reflect on their main take aways.
  • Grading: This template is currently a formative assessment, you can opt for it to be a graded assignment if you want to encourage participation further.

Notable Settings:

Anonymity: On

Reflection: On

Grading: Off


Recommended rubrics for this activity

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A rubric template to assess students’ interactions during group work

Evaluate contributions to teamwork

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Evaluate delivery of presentation

Use this template to evaluate your students' delivery skills in presentation

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