Learning Activity

Instructor feedback on oral presentations

Provide detailed instructor feedback on student oral presentations
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Learning outcome:
Prep time:
Low (<10 min)
Activity type(s):
Oral presentation

Why this learning activity?

Learning activities targeting high-order skills like this one can help you activate students more effectively. This activity will help you with:

Presentation skills

Students will enhance their presentation skills by receiving detailed feedback on their performance.

Critical reflection

Students will develop the ability to critically reflect on the feedback they receive and use it to improve future performances.

Constructive feedback

Students will learn how to give and receive constructive feedback effectively.


Activity steps

1. Read instructions: Go through the provided instructions to understand the activity requirements. Pay attention to any guidelines or criteria set by the instructor.

2. Feedback by teacher: Receive detailed feedback from your instructor on your performance. The feedback will be structured based on the criteria and rubrics provided in the tool, helping you understand areas of strength and improvement.

3. Read received feedback: Review the feedback provided by your teacher. Reflect on the comments and suggestions to identify key areas for improvement and acknowledge your strengths.

4. Reflect on the assignment: Write a reflection on the entire assignment process, focusing on what you learned from the feedback and how you can apply these insights to future tasks. This step helps consolidate your learning and plan for future improvements.

Activity setup

FeedbackFruits tool(s) used:

Students receive feedback from their instructor on a skill performance, this could be done via a presentation they did in class, or for example a debate.

In this activity:

  1. An oral presentation rubric has been added, so that students can receive feedback anchored to criteria in the assignment. In step 3 of the activity, you can adjust, remove or add criteria as desired.
  2. A reflection has been added to the end of the activity so that students can reflect on the feedback received, and how they plan on implementing that moving forward.

Notable settings:

Rubric: All rubrics in the oral presentation category can be used.


Recommended rubrics for this activity

Evaluate interaction with teammates

A rubric template to assess students’ interactions during group work

Evaluate contributions to teamwork

A rubric to assess group work contributions

Evaluate delivery of presentation

Use this template to evaluate your students' delivery skills in presentation

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