Learning Activity

Instructor feedback on student research paper

Provide your students with constructive feedback on their research papers
Created by Pedagogy Team at FeedbackFruits
Learning outcome:
Knowledge uptake
Prep time:
Intermediate (10-30 min)
Activity type(s):
Academic paper
Written report

Why this learning activity?

Learning activities targeting high-order skills like this one can help you activate students more effectively. This activity will help you with:

Enhanced writing skills

Students will improve their writing skills by receiving detailed formative feedback on various mechanical and structural elements such as grammar, punctuation, citation style, and overall academic language. This feedback will help students refine their writing and produce higher quality assignments.

Critical reflection

Students will develop their ability to critically reflect on the feedback received and understand how to apply it to future work. This reflective practice will encourage continuous improvement and deeper understanding of writing conventions.

Higher-order cognitive skills

By addressing lower-order skills through automated feedback, students will have more time to focus on developing higher-order cognitive skills such as comprehension, critical thinking, and argumentation of concepts. This will enhance their overall academic performance and analytical abilities.


Activity steps

1. Read instructions: Carefully go through the provided instructions to understand the objectives and requirements of this activity. Pay attention to any specific guidelines or criteria mentioned to ensure you meet all expectations.

2. Hand in: Submit your work as per the instructions provided. Ensure that your submission is complete and meets all the specified requirements. Double-check for any errors or missing components before handing it in.

3. Feedback by teacher: Wait for your teacher to review your submission and provide feedback. This feedback will be essential in understanding your strengths and areas for improvement.

4. Read received feedback: Carefully read the feedback provided by your teacher. Reflect on their comments and identify key points that can help you improve your future assignments.

5. Reflect on the assignment: Take some time to think about the entire assignment process. Write a reflection that includes what you learned, how the teacher's feedback influenced your understanding, and any changes you plan to make in your approach to similar tasks in the future.

Activity setup

FeedbackFruits tool(s) used:

In this activity students receive feedback from their instructor on their uploaded document, in this case it could be a research paper.

In this activity template:

1. A research paper rubric has been added, so that students can receive feedback anchored to criteria in the assignment. In step 3 of the activity, you can adjust, remove or add criteria as desired.
2. A reflection has been added to the end of the activity so that students can reflect on the feedback received, and how they plan on implementing that moving forward.

Notable settings:

The activity is compatible with all rubrics in the competency group of ‘Research paper’


Recommended rubrics for this activity

Evaluate APA citation style | FHSU

Rubric template to give feedback on the APA citation style of the written report

Evaluate research synthesis | FHSU

Rubric template to give feedback on how students processed and synthesized the research findings

Evaluate research paper content | FHSU

Rubric template to evaluate how students wrote each part of the research paper

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