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A resources hub about AI in higher education

Explore a collection of resources on AI including articles, use cases, tools, and more that will help you and your faculty embrace AI technology (such as ChatGPT) in every teaching and learning aspect: from course design, assessment to technology adoption
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Tools to transform your courses for better feedback with AI

understanding AI

Insights on AI and its impact on higher education

course design and AI

Strategies and resources to adapt your curriculum for AI

Implementing AI

Integrate existing AI technology into teaching and learning

FeedbackFruits AI Tools

Explore our AI tools that will save you time and help students develop skills
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Automated Feedback for instant feedback on written assignments

Giving feedback on students' assignments can be time-consuming. FeedbackFruits Automated Feedback tool provides AI-powered formative feedback to students on their academic writing skills based on criteria that instructor or students themselves define.

With Automated Feedback, students can receive feedback on writing style, grammar, formatting, referencing and more instantly.

Automated Feedback Coach for quality peer feedback

When students are giving feedback to each other in the FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation tool, the AI-powered Automated Feedback Coach assists students in providing high-quality feedback, thus improving their feedback skills.

Automated Feedback Coach encourages students to give helpful feedback that addresses the assignment criteria and makes suggestions on how they can improve their feedback throughout the process.

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Understanding AI

Gain further insights into AI, its impact, and the latest developments
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Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education and Scientific Research

A comprehensive guide that covers theories, practical cases and tools regarding AI in higher education; and discusses the opportunities and challenges universities face under future development of AI

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ChatGPT: A threat to education?

ChatGPT has raised the concern of academic disintegrity and dishonesty. However, should institution be fear of this AI chatbot? This article discusses the potential impact of ChatGPT and how institutions can respond to this new development.

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Classroom Policies for AI Generative Tools

Created by Lance Eaton, this resource compiles a number of policies available at other institutions to help in instructors develop their own for navigating AI-Generative Tools.

Course design and AI

Suggestions and strategies to embrace AI in course creation and student support
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How to adapt your courses for AI

Suggestions on how institutions can adapt your courses to embrace the rise of ChatGPT and AI technology, both long-term and short-term.

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Transform writing assignments for AI: 5 best strategies

A practical guide to help faculties redesign writing assignments for AI, with best strategies, templates, and use cases.

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Adapting your course for artificial intelligence

The University of Kansas compiled a several strategies, ideas, and resources to help instructors adapt their courses to AI.

Implementing AI

Guidelines and strategies on how to harness the power of AI technology in your courses
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ChatGPT and Education

Torrey Trust, Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst compiled a detailed guide to help educators understand ChatGPT and how the chatbot can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

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Eight ways to engage with AI writers in higher education

Lucinda McKnight, Senior Lecturer at Deakin University shared how instructors can guide students to use AI tools to support their learning experiences.

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Embracing ChatGPT and AI with best authentic assessment strategies

The benefits of formative assessment, and how instructors can integrate this approach quickly and easily at any stage of your course.

Assessment and AI

How institutions can transform assessment and maintain academic integrity
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Use case

Implement authentic assessment across a STEM faculty

Instructors at Deakin University developed and adopted an authentic assessment project scaling across several subjects and courses with the support of pedagogical technology.

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Authentic assessment rubrics in higher education (updated)

A collection of assessment rubrics for self, peer, and group evaluation, designed and implemented by several institutions worldwide. Now updated with 2 new rubrics.

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