Educators Initiative

Lifelong free access to FeedbackFruits tool suite to help you engage your students effectively with less time spent on administrative workload
15 teaching tools tailored to any course size and setting
Direct access via your LMS without separate login
Dedicated support specialist
24/5 live chat support both for you and your students

“If you look at the actual use of FeedbackFruits, it has actually transformed the way we help students engage with the study material.“

Dr. Kiran Ahuja
Senior Research Fellow
University of Tasmania

"This tool provided a better overview of students performance and progress over the duration of the course."

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dr. Runa Oudmayer
Assistant Professor
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"I was really positively surprised with the Peer Review and how well it went with this 3rd-year class."

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Dr. Suzan Hazel
University of Adelaide

"This tool provided a better overview of students' performance and progress over the duration of the course. It enabled me to try new methods in teaching, prompt self-reflection on feedback."

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Åsmund Hermansen
Oslo Metropolitan University

"I noticed that learning of students improved. First, they were enthusiastic about the tool and also interaction between students really helped them to better prepared for the subject."

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Dr. Arnold Moene
Associate Professor
Wageningen University & Research
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Frequently asked questions

What is the FeedbackFruits Educators Initiative?

The FeedbackFruits Educators initiative is an initiative that allows educators from higher education institutions to use our entire tool suite for free forever.

We created it during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to support innovative educators around the world. However, even in the post-pandemic era there is still a large need for accessible and user-friendly educational technology to help increase engagement and reduce workload in hybrid, blended or in-person settings.

Trying out new technologies leads to new insights and successful innovations. This is why we seek passionate educators to use our LMS-embedded tool suite, experiment with successful learning designs, and share success. 

Who should apply?

Currently the Initiative is limited to educators who are teaching at higher education institutions.

Why should I apply?

Typically teachers reach out to us because they need tools that can:

  • Increase engagement and interaction in their hybrid/in-person/online course(s)
  • Give visibility to their class performance and assignment completion
  • Facilitate pedagogical methods in an easy and user friendly way
  • Streamline and diversify assessment
  • Save them time on manual tasks
What's the catch?

We created this initiative with two goals in mind:

  • Support educators through the tough transition caused by pandemic
  • Find passionate educators to use our tools, experiment with successful learning designs and share their success

What that means for you is that we would kindly ask you to give us feedback after using the tools, so we can have insights to further develop them and continue our mission to improve education.

What happens after I get selected?
  • You receive an acceptance email from us within a couple of days of your application
  • You get a free consultation with your dedicated support specialist
  • You receive a personalized get started plan based on your use case
  • You use our tool(s) in your classroom and have live support 24/5 both for yourself and your students
  • You fill out the feedback form we send after you complete your first FeedbackFruits activity