[Live webinar] Leveraging AI for inclusive learning

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A fortnightly, original FeedbackFruits podcast featuring conversations on every aspect of education.
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Episode 14

The power of Automated Feedback

Interested in how AI and automation will shape the future of education? Have a listen to our insightful conversation with Joost Verdoorn.

Episode 13

10 Steps for Online Course Design

This episode will unravel 10 steps for online course design, shared by Richard Powers, an experienced program coordinator/consultant.

Episode 12

Past, Present, and Future of Education Technology

Today’s episode features a past, present, and future approach to the topic of educational technology with guest speaker Maria Zając.

Episode 11

Feedback: My Learning Edge

In this episode, we discussed the role of rubrics, assessment, and even look back to intercultural and social aspects of feedback in this conversation.

Episode 10

Researching how feedback makes us flourish

This episode returned to the topic of feedback, as we explored using peer feedback to enhance argumentation in academic writing, and how AI can support teachers address feedback.

Episode 9

Business School Webinar Special

This special episodes rounds up our Business School Webinar, in which we invited a teacher and a learning technologist to discuss how to facilitate effective group work in online contexts.

Episode 8

Designing the Learning Experience

Another wonderful conversation with Darren Hood, Senior UX/LX Designer at Michigan State University about his venture in UX, LX, BX, as well as the role of empathy in learning design.

Episode 7

Teacher Toolset Training

We just wrapped up a great conversation with Jeroen Mulder, i-coach at Nova College on the use of technological tools in teaching. Tune in to learn tips for exploring and trying new tools.

Episode 6

Pioneering Augmented Reality in Law Lectures

Learn how senior lecturer Puteri Sofia pioneered the use of augmented reality in her law lectures at Taylor’s University, in the latest episode of the Learning Experience Lab.

Episode 5

Communication, Inclusivity, and UDL

In this 5th episode, Lillian Nave joined us for an in-depth conversation about neurodiversity, inclusive teaching practices, and the role of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) in education.

Episode 4

Feedback practices in Instructional Design

In this episode, we delve into feedback and teaching practices from an instructional design perspective, and ponder the future of education technology.

Episode 3

Feedback cultures: A reflection

In one last interview with an old college peer, this episode continues the discussion of feedback cultures with some new perspectives on the "Western and Eastern education".

Episode 2

Feedback cultures: Learning, Listening, and Growing

In conversation with two students in the Netherlands, this episode explores the different encounters with feedback in work, school, and wider society.

Episode 1

Moving forward with feedback

Join us as we set out on our journey through education and feedback cultures, starting with the backstory of the host and origins of FeedbackFruits.

About the podcast

Engaging with teaching and learning professionals in higher education, this podcast shares ideas and insights from the world of education with a wider audience, by diving deep into all things teaching and learning.

Meet the host

Dan Hasan is a graduate of Science Communication and Education, who lives for learning. For a year he has been investigating educational case studies around the world and is now trying his hand at this new format of gathering and sharing insights and ideas.

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Dan Hasan
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