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Infographic: FeedbackFruits Impact Report 2022

Nhi Nguyen
October 21, 2022

At FeedbackFruits, we want to ensure our tools are truly effective in producing positive learning outcomes. That's why we conduct evaluations with all our partner institutions to measure the impact of our tools on teaching and learning after a certain period of adoption. Since the implementation time varies among the institutions, so far we have gathered and analyzed data from 13 universities. And the key findings are summarized in this article.

We also visualize the results in an infographic, click on the image to download.

Based on the input, the adoption rate - the percentage of our active users (teachers and students using our tools) over the total users registered to FeedbackFruits system, has increased by 22% across these institutions.

Based on the 500 responses from student evaluations, 71% of the students expressed high satisfaction with using FeedbackFruits assessment tools. Also, 77% praised the tools' user friendliness and ease of navigation.

“It was really easy to access and navigate an assignment in FeedbackFruits.” – Student respondent

Up to 72% of the respondents said they are more actively engaged, with over 2 million feedback comments created and exchanged. Participating in FeedbackFruits activities encouraged learners to engage more actively in the lessons, and develop meaningful interactions and dialogues with teachers and peers, as well as feeling more motivated to study.

76% of the students said their final work and learning outcomes were critically enhanced. Participating in FeedbackFruits activities helped students to identify their mistakes and learn from different perspectives, thus improving their work and producing a better final product.

Also, participating in FeedbackFruits activities stimulated critical thinking and growth mindset as students practiced giving constructive feedback, and processing peer comments, with 65% of the respondents noting an improvement in feedback skills. Both faculties and students responded positively to our tools, exchanging valuable comments and feedback through their survey responses.

“Feedback Fruits is a good platform for students to enhance some skills such as thinking critically, giving constructive and positive feedback to other students, for those who receive feedback, that is their opportunity to improve their work for better performance next time.” – Student Respondent

Click on the image below to download the infographic

FeedbackFruits Impact Report 2022: Student learning and skills development
FeedbackFruits Educators Initiative supports educators with lifelong free access to our pedagogical tools.
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