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Enhance your Canvas with world class learning experiences

You purchased world's leading LMS. Why do you also need world's best pedagogical tool suite?


You can create world class learning experiences that match with your pedagogy in any modality and classroom size.


Manage all your FeedbackFruits activities in Canvas. Your Canvas groups, calendar and gradebook will be automatically synced.


Standardize your courses and recreate them endlessly with features such as reusing rubrics and copying your existing activities.

Intuitive user experience

The streamlined design of the whole tool suite flattens the learning curve, so you and your students can focus on learning.


See student analytics for every step of the activities, so you can keep track of students' progress and intervene in the right moment.

live support for all users

Our live support team can help you within 5 min. We also support your students, so you don't have to.

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Ksenia Ionova from Cornell University on co-creating knowledge

Full flexibility for any pedagogy

→ Technology should adapt to pedagogy, not the other way around. FeedbackFruits can support all levels of use cases with customizable settings

→ Online, hybrid or in-person - doesn't matter. Create engaging asynchronous and synchronous activities within minutes

→ Provide the same top-notch learning experience to each student whether it is a classroom of 10 or 1000

Organize everything in Canvas

→ FeedbackFruits is integrated into Canvas - so you and your students don't need a separate login

→ Creating group assignments made easy. Automatically pull up your Canvas groups to save yourself some valuable time

Activity deadlines are automatically reflected on the Canvas calendar, so your students can keep track of them easily

Push students' assignment grades to Canvas gradebook with only one click

Linda Lee from the Wharton School on Canvas group sync
Corey Nelson from Carlson School of Management on saving weeks

Save weeks from manual work

Copy your existing FeedbackFruits activities in your other courses - use them as they are or edit them easily

→ Rubrics take time to create but good news is that you can reuse your FeedbackFruits rubrics in all your courses

No more spending hours to grade assignments - grading is automatic, yet you can still adjust them

Intuitive user experience

→ All components of the FeedbackFruits activity can be set up and completed in a single assignment

All FeedbackFruits tools have the same look and feel - no time wasted with learning different tools

→ Navigate between steps with just scrolling; change settings, add/remove modules or publish grade by simple clicking

Tony Leisen from Carlson School of Management on tool interface
Justin Louder from Texas Tech University on student analytics

Clear overview of students

Track students' real-time progress in each step such as 'read instructions' and 'feedback given'. Check in with them at the right moment

→ You can also track students' group performance within the assignment

Institutions can export data during or after the assignment to analyze and improve the course quality

Live support for all users

→ You can chat with our live support team anytime during the week. We promise to reply under 5 min

Your students are having an issue? They can directly contact us, so you don't have to spend time on it

→ The live support chat button is found on every FeedbackFruits page at all times

Cali Ellis from Evergreen State College on user support
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