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Peer Review

Peer Review enables instructors to create assignments for students to provide feedback to their peers on deliverables like documents or videos based on predefined criteria.

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Skill Review

Skill Review facilitates teacher feedback on activities such as presentations, oral exams or an interview.

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Assignment Review

Assignment Review aims to improve student learning by allowing instructors to provide in-line feedback on deliverables. Teachers can specify the criteria and feedback format.

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Group Member Evaluation

Group Member Evaluation streamlines how students assess their peers’ collaboration skills. The teacher specifies the criteria students use to evaluate their peers’ contribution to group work.

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Interactive Video

Interactive Video supports the flipping the classroom method. Teachers can share media sources (audio, document, video) for students to discuss, answer practice questions and/or collaborate on discussion topics. This can be a graded activity.

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Comprehension of Document

Learners are required to read, analyse and comprehend a document and comment on the topics provided by the instructor to identify the structure of study material. The instructor can also enable collaborative learning.

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Interactive Presentation

Interactive Presentation gives instructors the chance to interact with their audience and increase deeper learning.

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Discussion Assignment

Discussion Assignment was built to sharpen the learners thinking through debate (discussion), peer review and self-reflection.

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Automated Feedback

Peer Review enables instructors to create assignments for students to provide feedback to their peers on deliverables like documents or videos based on predefined criteria.

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Integrations we support:
∙ Recognize enrollments and groups
∙ Automatically sending grades to grade center
∙ Deadline synchronization
∙ Creation flow improvements
∙ Support for InsertStuff for video


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IMS Global certification

FeedbackFruits received the IMS Global certification for interoperability between LMS Systems and our External Tools, and Data Privacy. As a provider, our adherence to the IMS community implies ongoing commitment to solve problems, revise implementations and conduct proper testing.

Data Secure certification

FeedbackFruits received the Data Secure certification issued by Better Security Management (BSM) validating the security of FeedbackFruits platform and database. As an educational technology provider, we give the utmost importance to protecting and safely storing data of all our business partners.

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