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Feedback and Assessment
Peer Review
Group Member Eval.
Assignment Review
Skill Review
Automated Feedback
Self Assessment

Collaboration & engagement

Collaboration and Engagement
Interactive Document
Interactive Video
Interactive Audio
Discussion on Work
Discussion on Topic
Interactive Presentation
Team Based Learning

Strategic outcome solution

Competency-Based Assessment
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FeedbackFruits milestones, web resources for faculty, success stories and more

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How to start using FeedbackFruits in your courses, help resources, use cases and more

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How to get help while using FeedbackFruits in your courses

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For teachers

Frequently asked questions

Are the assignments reusable?
Can you share assignments with other instructors?
How do students keep track of their progress?
Will students still see deadlines in the LMS calendar?
Are there notifications available?
Is there analytics of student performance available?
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If you are a student using FeedbackFruits in a course and need help, you can:
Reach out to your instructor(s)
Write to us in live chat on Help Center

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