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What is EdTech DoTank?

Higher education is rich in excellent ideas, but clear and effective methods for transforming these ideas into validated technological solutions are in short supply. Even when such solutions are developed, a lack of technological support hampers solutions from spreading beyond a small group of innovators. 

FeedbackFruits established the Dotank in 2016 to bridge this gap between ideas and reality. By supporting these innovators with finding solutions and translating them into technology, the Dotank facilitates the spread of validated ideas to other partners.

Edtech Dotank Collaboration
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Collaboration that drives innovation at a pace that would be impossible individually

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The DoTank method

Every year, each of our innovation partners pinpoint an educational use case that cannot be met with current available technologies. In collaboration with experts and teachers from other partner institutions, the DoTank builds new technically supported learning activities to the proposed challenges and opportunities. We believe that in our co-creation partnership, we can drive innovation at a pace that would be impossible for each partner to achieve individually.

DoTank timeline


Group Member Evaluation
Maastricht University


Participation Grading
Wageningen University & Research
InHolland University | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Open Courseware Suggester
TU Delft | MIT OCW
Group Contribution Grading
Deakin University


Teacher Feedback Cards
TU Delft | Eindhoven University of Technology
Discussion on Work
Feedback Writing Tips
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Peer Feedback Navigation
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Chaining of Assignments
Deakin University
Automated Feedback
Erasmus University Rotterdam | Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences | Deakin University
Participation Grading in Reviewer Tools
Wageningen University & Research


Self Assessment
University of Melbourne
Generic Reflection Learning Step
Deakin University
Discussion on Topic
Comprehension 2.0
Harvard DCE
Team Based Learning
IE Business School
Manual Allocations
The Wharton School


Student-facing Automated Feedback
Deakin University
Competency Framework
Rotterdam School of Management
Programmatic Assessment
VU Amsterdam
Learning Design Space
Avans University of Applied Sciences

Community acceptance

Individual vs group peer feedback

Change peer review activity types: individuals review an assigned peer or within groups, or individuals give feedback to someone outside their groups. 

Customizable criteria or rubrics

Change peer review activity types: individuals review an assigned peer or within groups, or individuals give feedback to someone outside their groups. 


Set up a self-reflection step for students to reflect on their own contribution before reviewing others, based on the same criteria used for peer review. This helps teachers compare how students reflect on their own performance versus that of others. 

Configurable grading

Convert any activities into summative assessments, configure which assignment steps to be graded and how much each should contribute to the final grade.

Hold feedback

Control when students can see the received feedback: instantly, or after certain deadlines to avoid bias.

Anonymity setting

Choose between students reviewing each other openly or anonymously using fruity pseudonyms to avoid bias and maintain objectivity.

deep LMS integration

An important design criteria for FeedbackFruits tools is that instructors do not notice that they are working outside of their Learning Management System (LMS). Deep LMS integration is very important for the majority of instructors.

Therefore, all the tools are integrated into your LMS with more than only a LTI integration. It also uses an API integration to make sure that all functionalities like calendar syncing, importing of groups and sending back complex grading are possible.

Implementation support

The introduction of teaching innovation in teaching communities is such a delicate process that it needs to be done right from the start. Therefore, the FeedbackFruits integration specialist helps institutions with technical support, training process, embedding in the support ecosystem and kick-off sessions.

Furthermore, the integration specialist can consult on the innovation adoption to assure a seamless and easy faculty adoption process that can be achieved step by step.

Data security & ownership

All data transferred between the servers is encrypted with RSA 4Kbit. The communication between the server and the end-user is scripted via TLS and AES256. The stored data is not accessible to any third party. All back-ups of the data are encrypted with AES256.

All data is secured according to the strict General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as set by the European Union.The institution always remains the sole owner of the data as also explained in the SaaS-agreement. For this reason, the university can always order to have the data exported or deleted from the server.

Personalized workshops

In the trainer workshops, the supporting staff of partner institutions are trained in the set-up and use of the LMS tools. The Partner Success Manager or International Pilot Manager from FeedbackFruits provides this workshop, which can take place multiple times a year.

The aim of FeedbackFruits is, therefore, to make sure that these trainers are confident to set-up and have a profound knowledge of all the modules and learning activities, to help their teachers. Lastly, the supporting staff is also kept in the loop on the latest DoTank projects with the possibility to test these new functionalities and/or tools.

Online support 24/5

Users are able to contact our online support 24/5, via the management module on the website and via helpme@feedbackfruits.com. Response time will be no longer than 3 office hours.

The office hours are from Monday to Friday, with 24 hours support. Within business hours the team strives, and manages, to respond to all incoming messages within 15 minutes.

on accessibility

We are a market leader in our compliance with the internationally recognized accessibility standard, WCAG. We cover versions WCAG 1 to WCAG 2.1, on Level A as well as Level AA.

We are fully dedicated to keep our compliance level at 100% with further developments in the field as well as feedback we receive from the users.

Why become a partner?


Seamless Adoption

Tools are accessible to all Dotank partners regardless of their creators. This creates a consistent tooling experience that makes adoption easier. In addition, having only one facilitator greatly simplifies the processes such as piloting, purchasing and implementation.


Continuous Improvement

Once they are created, all tools are open to further improvement. This can be done by their initial creator(s) or another partner institution. By this way, any partner can add new features that they need in their courses after testing the initial version of the tools.


Power of Collaboration

The collaboration with top institutions worldwide allows to innovate at a pace that would be impossible to achieve individually. The know-how of instructors around the world is accumulated into one pool and accelerate innovation that all institutions need.

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Streamlined learning activity setup

All you need to do is to describe the assignment, choose the right settings and enjoy.

easy-to-use, uniform design

All tools have a similar look and feel – which flattens the learning curve for both teachers and students.

Co-created with educators

Tools are co-created with educators from partner universities, thus support even the most advanced use cases.