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Group Member Evaluation Tool | FeedbackFruits

Group Member Evaluation. Eliminate free-riding and improve collaboration skills among students by implementing evaluation of group work contribution. Empowering students with a. critical and collaborative space.

University of Delaware saves time with group assessment

Using the Group Member Evaluation tool inside of Canvas, the professor sought to simplify the evaluations and integrate the entire feedback process in one platform.

Scaling asynchronous collaboration at Queen's University

Scaling asynchronous collaboration at Queen’s University, using Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation. Nhi Nguyen. | November 3, 2021. Using. Peer Review. Group Member Evaluation. DOMAIN. STEM. Class Size. 78. LMS. Brightspace. ABOUT THE INSTITUTION.

Enhancing peer feedback in large classes at Griffith University

How Griffith University used Group Member Evaluation to facilitate feedback in large student cohort. Dan Hasan. | November 2, 2020. Using. Group Member Evaluation. DOMAIN. Medicine. Class Size. 500. Instructor Workload. Learner Workload. LMS. Blackboard.

Scaling peer assessment in large courses at Deakin University

Group Member Evaluation. DOMAIN. STEM. Class Size. 7 - 700. Instructor Workload. Learner Workload. LMS. Brightspace. Context. The problem: The need for scalable, flexible tooling to support varied and widespread course designs.

Maastricht University promoted collaboration and participation

Group Member Evaluation. DOMAIN. STEM. Class Size. 50. Instructor Workload. Learner Workload. Context.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences encouraged collaboration

How Group Member Evaluation helped develop collaborative learning for trainee teachers at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Dan Hasan. | October 5, 2020. Using. Group Member Evaluation. DOMAIN. Education. Class Size. 28. Instructor Workload.

Online peer assessment at Carlson School of Management

FeedbackFruits Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation were chosen to help optimize peer and group assessment in large student cohorts. The challenge: Seeking a tool to save time facilitating group work and peer assessment.

8 crucial takeaways from innovating group assessment

During the Spring semester 2021, the Reykjavik team piloted FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation tool across 3 courses. Each course covered different subjects(Law, Psychology, and Business) with different set-ups and usage of Group Member Evaluation.

Optimize peer assessment at Imperial College London

Group Member Evaluation. Class Size. 130 – 150. LMS. Blackboard. ABOUT THE INSTITUTION.