[Live webinar] Unlock the power of group work with peer-to-peer learning

Researching how feedback makes us flourish

Dr. Omid Noroozi
Dan Hasan

What's in this episode?

We’re joined today by two researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Associate Professor Omid Noroozi and postdoc researcher Kazem Banihashem told us all about their investigation into the effects of peer review on the quality of students’ argumentative essays. We talked more generally about the space, place, and cultural connotations of feedback in education, and later on touched on the Automated Feedback tool as another innovation in the feedback front. So tune in to find out more from Omid and Kazem about their experiences with feedback!

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further readingds and references:
  • Here you can find Dr. Noroozi's most recent publication related to the using peer feedback in academic writing of this episode.
  • You can also check Kazem's latest publication concerning constructivist learning design and learning analytics as featured in Innovations in Education and Teaching International.
Dr. Omid Noroozi

Associate Professor at Wageningen University

Dr. Omid Noroozi is an Associate Professor at Wageningen University and Research. He has contributed heavily to the field of pedagogical research and technology with numerous papers in publications such as the British Journal of Technology.

Seyyed Kazem Banihasem

Researcher at Wageningen University

Seyyed Kazem Banihasem is an Educational Technology Ph.D researcher at Wageningen University and Research. He also previously carried out research at the University of British Columbia concerning learning analytics and student engagement, among many other topics.

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