10 Steps for Online Course Design

Richard Powers
Dan Hasan

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In today’s episode we got hold of another inspirED speaker from the conference back in May. Richard Powers, who presently works at two institutions in both Europe and the US, has already briefly shared with us on course design considerations, but in this conversation we had the chance to go deeper still. But even with a full hour at our disposal, more topics had to be postponed to a future discussion - something we’re anxious to return to soon! As for today, we began with a discussion about the shape of inclusivity in education, referencing the UDL framework which seems to provide much-needed space for this consideration. Afterwards, Richard shares his 10 steps for online course design - indispensable information for any educator navigating the new terrain of teaching and learning today. We also broached the subject of transitioning faculty from the physical classroom to the online environment - but the full discussion will have to wait until a future episode!

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See Richard’s inspirED presentation on assessment in online contexts here

Richard Powers

Digital Instructional Designer for Accessible Courses

Richard is an experienced program coordinator/consultant with experience in e-learning, online, and onsite curriculum and course development for higher education. As well as his project coordination and instructional design work at the Professional School of Education Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg, he is an adjunct professor of English at the City Colleges of Chicago.

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