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Episode #15 - The State of Global Edtech with Max de Raaff

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What's in this episode?

We return to the series with another interview from inside the team today - this time with Business Development lead Max de Raaff. From his experiences in education globally, Max had much to say about trends and trajectories in innovation today. Among other topics, we touched on the use and misuse of feedback, the role of AI in learning and the relationship between edtech and education institutions. And lastly we got a peek at his agenda as he prepares for a trip around the US to talk to faculty all over the country.


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Host - Dan Hasan

Teachers Relations at FeedbackFruits


Dan is an (almost) graduate of science communication and education who lives for learning. For a year he has been investigating course design case studies around the world and is now trying his hand at this new format of gathering and sharing insights and ideas.

Guest - Max de Raaff

Business Development Lead at FeedbackFruits


Max de Raaff is Business Development Lead at FeedbackFruits. Having worked with institutions all over the world, his global experiences with and perspectives on education drive his passion for making positive change on students’ lives.‍

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