[Live webinar] Leveraging AI for inclusive learning

Feedback practices in Instructional Design

John McCormick
Dan Hasan

What's in this episode?

Staying focused on feedback, today’s episode takes a different angle on how instructors and faculty design robust learning environments. John and I delve into instructional design in the military versus the classroom, the differentiation of domain-specific feedback practices, and the role and perception of reflection exercises among students and staff. Lastly, we touch upon the increasing prevalence of AI in teaching and think about how and where it can make life easier for students and teachers.

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John McCormick

Associate Director of Learning Design

John McCormick is Associate Director of Learning Design for Brandeis University, and manages a group of Learning Designers. This entails supporting learning design projects and faculty professional development towards online learning environments in teaching.

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Dan Hasan
Content Creator, FeedbackFruits