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Jeroen Mulder
Dan Hasan

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Today we're joined by Jeroen Mulder, i-coach at Nova College in the Netherlands and all-around edtech entrepreneur, specialising in training other teachers in the use of educational technologies, especially Microsoft Teams.

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  1. Visit Jeroen's website – Modern Onderwijs and learn more about his great work
  2. You can also watch our latest webinar with Microsoft, in which Jeroen shares his experience with using FeedbackFruits tools in teaching
Jeroen Mulder

i-Coach at Nova College

Jeroen Mulder is a former maths and PE teacher who now works at Nova College in the Netherlands, training other instructors in the use of digital educational technologies. Aside from this, he also runs a platform ‘Modern Onderwijs’ which provides instructional resources and advice about modernising education.

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Dan Hasan
Content Creator, FeedbackFruits