A Day for Inspiration

Innovation should not only be cutting-edge but should also fit with user needs. Therefore we collaborate (closely) with universities from ideation to implementation and develop tools that are shared by all. Through this approach, we are able to innovate together at a pace impossible for each partner to achieve individually.

One of the ways we collaborate is through our (bi)annual Inspiration Days. This day is dedicated to sharing ideas and knowledge between different universities in the EdTech Consortium, both at a strategic and operational level.

At a strategic level, we share the product roadmap of our tools and the DoTank projects. We use this as an opportunity to listen to different perspectives of the eventual users. This way our partners know what to expect and can plan their course design accordingly. Teachers and instructional designers end up signing for beta versions of our tools in process and help us test and improve those tools.

At an operational level, we discuss different use cases of our tools. Here it is not uncommon for participants to think of new learning activities possible through these tools not thought of initially. Exactly this is what makes the session truly useful for all.

Our first event of this year was co-hosted with Erasmus University on 28 June 2019. We organized the event at the newly-built Education Lab because of our shared vision on improving education through collaboration.

Here are a few pictures..

Annika Borgstede (FeedbackFruits) highlighting the importance of stability and maturity for FeedbackFruits and the EdTech industry. This was also the theme for the day.

Teachers and instructional designers from partner universities diving into our product roadmap and sharing their thoughts on what the future of education looks like for them.

Breakout sessions are all about sharing how our tools can be used to create active learning activities. This Inspiration Day’s sessions were on Group Member Evaluation, Peer Review, Discussions and Artificial Intelligence in education and their use cases.

If you would like to be a part of our next Inspiration Day, please get in touch.

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