Interactive Video: Make Distance Education Engaging

Interactive Video

Let students engage with your recorded lecture or knowledge clip by answering in-line questions


1. Teachers provide students with the outline of the exercise

2. Upload your pre-recorded lesson or a knowledge clip from YouTube or Vimeo

3. Teachers add practice questions along the timeline of the video for students to respond

Description of activity

This type of activity can be used in any online classroom setting. It is aimed to improve student knowledge on fundamental concepts in your course.

In this activity, teachers upload their video about content, or their lecture, and lock specific moments in the timeline with practice questions. Students have to answer these questions first before they can continue to watch the rest of the video. Students have the opportunity to go over the video material provided and practice their knowledge on the topics followed to further improve their knowledge and readiness for assessment.

The teacher keeps track of the analytics, keeping track of the students’ performance and engagement, to find out what questions students struggle with. This can be done via the teacher dashboard or the .csv export.

Value for distance learning

  • Instructor keeps track of student behavior
  • Instructor easily discovers where students lack information
  • Enhances learning through both the forming of knowledge and the assessment of students’ understanding on specific topics

Tips and variations

  • The teacher can lock the practice questions and students will have to answer them before moving on watching the video
  • The teacher adds open discussion moments by adding a comment in the video where students have to contribute
  • The teacher adds grading to this assignment, assigning weight to the performance of the student or the participation in the activity (contributing and/or starting discussions)

We are now offering the Interactive Video tool for free in response to COVID-19. You can have more information and request the tool via our live helpdesk.

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