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Assignment Review: easy online assessment tool for teachers to assess students

Ananda Verheijen
Rebecca LeBoeuf
Rebecca LeBoeuf
April 1, 2020
Table of Contents
In this ebook, we discuss how LMSs can be enriched by pedagogical technology for a more sustainable learning environment.
Join us to discover best assessment strategies from Boston College and Fort Hays State University to foster meaningful learning in the new era of AI.


  • Teacher provides students with the outline of the assignment
  • Students upload their assignments
  • Teacher provides students with feedback on a set of criteria
  • Students reflect on the received feedback

Description of activity

Teachers can use this activity in any online classroom setting in order to monitor and guide students to improve their final reports and performance.

The teacher provides students with the outline of the activity as well as explaining the criteria on which students will be evaluated. Students will upload their assignments in the form of a written report, essay, video recording or for example podcast. Teachers provide in line qualitative and quantitative feedback for students. At the end of the activity, students will have to reflect on their performance based on the feedback received from the teacher.

The instructor can keep track of the analytics, keeping track of the students’ engagement, and answering any questions that might arise. This can be done via the teacher dashboard or the .csv export.

Value for distance learning

  • Teacher keeps track of student behaviour
  • Streamline the process of providing feedback on assignments and keeping track of all artefacts
  • When students reflect on feedback, they can identify how to enhance their learning

Tips and variations

  • The teacher can grade this type of activity based on (or a combination of):
  • Performance of student
  • Completing the assignment
  • Possible to do as group Learning Activity
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