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Top articles of 2020: The most popular fruits we grew this year

Nhi Nguyen
December 23, 2020

2020 has been an extremely challenging year for everyone as COVID-19 turned the whole world upside down. The pandemic effect was most visible in higher education, as universities were forced to halt all on-campus activities and switch to virtual learning modes.

This sudden, unexpected change has taken a huge toll on both educators and students. While faculty members and instructional designers have suffered from overwork and burnout, students have become unmotivated and disengaged as a result of having to follow remote learning. This sudden transition to online education now requires a completely new pedagogical approach. Instead of trying to replicate the in-person classroom, educators need to employ innovative methods to create both engaging and motivating virtual learning environments.

At FeedbackFruits, we believe in the critical role of teachers and instructors as the drivers behind educational transformation. However, without proper equipment, the road ahead towards pedagogical change is long and difficult, especially in this period. That's why FeedbackFruits is committed to help educators to foster interaction and engagement within the classroom using pedagogical technology.

Besides developing tools to support teachers and instructors, we have been attempting to create written content as informative input for teachers when designing online courses. We published our first article in 2016, but it is not until this year that we became more productive in content creation. In total, we have published 46 articles, and 16 use cases this year.

This number seems to be rather small compared to other blogs, yet these articles have been crafted and tailored with utmost dedication to support educators with the online teaching and design journey. So let's have a look at 12 most popular articles on our blog, and see what content stands out during the past 2020.

We hope these articles have been of some help to you during the past semesters. If you haven't read them yet, why not bookmark them and take a few minutes to digest them later on. Online learning will definitely continue in coming semesters, and you might need all the resources you can get for teaching ideas.

If one thing should be made clear, it’s that you have been fearless, level-headed, and so inspiring this year, in your effort to sustain an effective learning environment for your students.

We all wish you a relaxing, safe Christmas and New Year, see you again in 2021 with more innovative ideas and awesome content!

From the FeedbackFruits team with love

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