The power of Automated Feedback

Joost Verdoorn
Dan Hasan

What's in this episode?

In our first interview with a FeedbackFruits colleague, we dug into the details of a new AI-powered technology designed to save tonnes of time for students and teachers in the processing of feedback. Joost has been leading the development of the Automated Feedback tool and gave us powerful insights into its potential and integration into the educational mainstream. For the first few minutes however, I reflect on the previous half-year of conversations and learning.

If you’d like to go straight to the interview, you can find that at 4:45.

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further readingds and references:
  • You can find an overview of the Automated Feedback tool as well as information on how to get involved here.
  • Learn how Automated Feedback has been adopted to enable higher quality feedback at Wageningen University  
Joost Verdoorn

R&D Lead at FeedbackFruits

Joost Verdoorn is a graduate of TU Delft (where FeedbackFruits was born) and began his journey at FeedbackFruits as a junior programmer 8 years ago. He now works as the Research and Development Lead, exploring how new technologies can help students and the learning process.

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Dan Hasan
Content Creator, FeedbackFruits