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Episode #2 - Feedback cultures: learning, listening, and growing

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What's in this episode?

Looking more closely at the personal experiences of students, today’s episode features two very different stories about the encounter with feedback in school, work, and in wider society. We touch again on the link between feedback and democratic society; explore the spaces and places where communication happens; and consider the relationship between social media and learning, and course design. How can we be aware of and responsive to cultural differences, and still maximise the sense of a learning community in teaching and instructional design? Here, we start that conversation.


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Host - Dan Hasan

Teachers Relations at FeedbackFruits


Dan is an (almost) graduate of science communication and education who lives for learning. For a year he has been investigating course design case studies around the world and is now trying his hand at this new format of gathering and sharing insights and ideas.

Guest - Christopher Sling

Online Culture student


Chris is a third-year student at Tilburg University, specialising in digital and social media. He is passionate about writing, media, culture, and humanitarian affairs.

Guest - Roan Poppe

Philosophy student


Roan is a graduate philosophy student at Utrecht University, and also runs his own translation company. He has also completed an MA degree in applied ethics, also at Utrecht.

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