Pioneering Augmented Reality in Law Lectures

Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin
Dan Hasan

What's in this episode?

In this episode we talk with Puteri Sofia, who’s been designing augmented reality (AR) into a somewhat unconventional setting in higher education: a law course at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. Sofia explains how she started using AR in and out of the classroom to engage her students with the notoriously heavy material in the domain, and where she sees the role of technology in the faculty for the coming years. We also consider the relationship between teaching and support staff, from designers to technology experts, who are increasingly seeing the need to work together and learn from each other as course content and teaching approaches are being redefined.

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further readingds and references:
  • Learn more how Sofia implemented AR in her article
  • Also, you can visit Sofia's profile at Taylor's University to see more of her work
  • Sofia is using FeedbackFruits Interactive Document for her course, check out this article our website to find out more
Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin

Senior lecturer and Chief Project Officer at Taylor's University

Puteri Sofia is a senior lecturer and chief project officer at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. She has published book chapters, journal articles and made numerous paper presentations at conferences about her work.

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