FeedbackFruits Launches Assignments Integration with Microsoft Teams

Monika Dybalska
Rebecca LeBoeuf
Rebecca LeBoeuf
December 2, 2021
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Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 30, 2021 —  Today FeedbackFruits is happy to announce support for the assignments feature in Microsoft Teams. Educators can now assign all FeedbackFruits activities as part of a class assignment in Teams. This enables a more seamless and engaging experience for educators and students to use FeedbackFruits.

Join Rotterdam School of Management to explore the best practices for implementing CBE and discover the new FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment solution.

Last year, FeedbackFruits partnered with Microsoft to introduce the Teams integration of our all-in-one tool suite for active learning, in order to support educators in driving effective pedagogical practices. With FeedbackFruits, educators can easily implement a wide range of learning activities, such as team-based learning, peer assessment, and group member evaluation within their Teams environment. By allowing educators and students to create, assign, and complete FeedbackFruits assignments directly from Teams, the new assignments integration allows for an even more seamless and flexible experience.

Ewoud de Kok, Co-founder & CEO of FeedbackFruits:

“We’re impressed by how Microsoft Teams is embraced by instructors, and with this deeper integration into the Assignments center enriching courses with FeedbackFruits learning activities is even easier. Helping instructional designers and teachers bring engaging active learning activities to students is what we do — with this upgraded Teams integration, we can drive more great learning experiences together.”

“Through facilitated collaboration and formative assessment, FeedbackFruits adds an important pedagogical layer and enhances learning outcomes within Microsoft Teams,” said Leif Brenne, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Education. “With the new assignments integration, we are able to provide educators with more flexibility to implement effective and engaging learning activities.”

FeedbackFruits is a learning solutions provider based in Amsterdam, whose purpose is to co-create pedagogical tools that drive student engagement while increasing teacher productivity. Together with over 100 institutions, FeedbackFruits developed an LMS-integrated tool suite of active learning solutions. Our tools are now used by universities worldwide such as MITx and Griffith University to create engaging learning experiences.

FeedbackFruits has achieved fast international growth, currently enhancing over 3 million learning activities. From partnering with Microsoft to becoming a finalist at EdTech Awards 2021, FeedbackFruits has been fulfilling its mission to drive pedagogical innovation and make every course engaging.

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