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Pedogical transformation is driven by educators who believe that we could do so much better. These changers of the status-quo, we admire.

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We're giving lifelong free access to FeedbackFruits complete tool suite for educators who want to innovate together and share their learnings.

FeedbackFruits Educators Initiative

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Why this initiative?

Higher education is in a pedagogical transition, the future of learning design has an exciting journey ahead. Let's make sure it does not overcome us, but we drive it. 

At FeedbackFruits, we strongly believe that passionate educators are leading this transition. Trying out new pedagogies leads to new insights and successful innovations. Especially during the pandemic, the need for these successful innovations to spread quickly has never been so pressing. This is why we decided to launch the FeedbackFruits Educators Initiative, in which we seek passionate educators to use our LMS tool suite, experiment with successful learning designs, and share success. 

With this initiative we strive to enable innovative educators to use the FeedbackFruits tool suite to innovate their course designs and speed up (online) pedagogical transition. 

Build on previous learnings.

Teachers from 50+ institutions have enhanced the online learning experience for their students with FeedbackFruits.

Gain insights into how our users successfully adopted FeedbackFruits tool suite to elevate their online courses with our use cases.


Universities that use our tools:

We are working with 50+ higher education institutions from Europe, US and Australia.

"The tool I used not only helped me gauge interaction, I had students tell me it really helped them stay connected to the content."

John Nielson, Assistant Professor
"Tools make it easy to set up active & collaborative activities that push student learning through interactive and engaging assignments."

Teresa Martinez, Instructional Designer

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