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Pedagogy Solutions: Customized Pedagogies

Unique solution for your unique course designs

Rethinking course design for the future requires alignment between teaching & learning activities and assessment. With the FeedbackFruits Customized Pedagogies solution, engage students to the fullest from classroom to assessment.

Mix and match the power of learning and assessment

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Assessment activities of your choice among peer feedback, teacher feedback, AI feedback and self-assessment



Learning activities of your choice from social annotation, discussion, team-based learning, quiz and interactive presentation

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BOOST employability and lifelong learning

Developing competencies with real-world applicability is key in CBE to prepare students for careers and beyond. FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment helps to materialise these learning goals and equips learners with their competency passports for the future.

meet the needs of non-traditional learners

Going beyond one-size-fits-all study programs, CBE gives students the flexibility to take ownership of their learning. With FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment's transparent analytics, learners track and plan their growth while teachers identify who needs support in which areas.

Improve the learning experience and outcomes

With CBE, learning doesn’t stop at completing the required assignments, but demonstrating learned skills and competencies. Enhanced tracking and showcasing of skills can be demonstrated with FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment.

CBE trends

Unlock the power of pedagogy for better teaching

Every student learns differently and one-size-fits-all teaching doesn't always help them show their full potential. We help you change this through:

  • Diverse learning activities that engage students with study materials, course topics and each other through discussions, social annotation, quizzes and team-based learning
  • Ensure interaction throughout student's full learning journey with asynchronous and synchronous activities
  • Flexible options to support all use cases such as asynchronous/synchronous and grading add-on
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FeedbackFruits student-initiated feedback

Organize and scale various pedagogies easily

Implementing active learning to ensuring active participation of all students especially in large courses is a difficult task. No more with:

  • Creating full courses and modules through learning journeys by sequencing multiple learning and assessment steps
  • Ability to create learning activity templates to reuse them in other courses
  • Automatic and customizable grading that can be pushed to LMS gradebook with one click

Accelerate impact by sharing successful course designs

Spreading best practices throughout the institution is essential to transform every student's experience. Our solution comes with:

  • Institutional and shared libraries that help institutions standardize and organize templates to maintain course quality
  • Ability for learning designers to create custom libraries such as for departments and share them with instructor segments of their choice
  • Personal library for instructors and learning designers to easily store and share their own templates
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FeedbackFruits CBE analytics

Learning analytics that help refine course designs

The right data ensures efficient allocation of resources and see where the learning gaps are. In our solution, you can find:

FeedbackFruits CBE analytics
  • Real-time activity and course analytics for learning designers and educators to refine their teaching strategies based on data
  • Longitudinal view on student progress towards knowledge uptake
  • Data and insights cleanly organized in dashboards with ability to export for easy reporting
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FeedbackFruits is seamlessly integrated
into your LMS with single-sign-on (SSO) and automatic synchronization of LMS gradebook, groups, and calendar.

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Your data is hosted by Microsoft Azure
in your region. We're compliant with data protection laws including the GDPR and WCAG 2.1 (AA) accessibility standards.

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always here for support

Our team offers teachers and students
24/5 live, human support along with help articles and workshops to familiarize educators and staff with FeedbackFruits.


Hear from our partners

"We really like the collaborative, co-creative approach of FeedbackFruits. We like it that FeedbackFruits engage with a lot of stakeholders in the design in order to really understand what the needs are and to translate the ideas to what exactly is necessary for the end users in their journey."

Executive Director Quality & Innovation

“What I've learned over the few years being involved - you shouldn't be limited to the current technology, you should always be looking to push that boundary. If you have a need, that need can be met. You just have to voice that to someone like FeedbackFruits so they understand what it is.”

Senior Lecturer

It really helped engagement. Students liked the interactivity of the tools... and that made the course so much better.

DR. Andreas Osterroth
Scientific Assistant
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